Get to know Dr. Kristina Fields!

I know quite a few of you are engineering, so take a look at this board to get to know one of the professors here on campus better! Dr. Fields is a professor in the civil and environmental engineering department and she lives cycling. Take a look at some questions I was able to ask to get to know her better!

#facukty immersion


College Game of Life!

With this semester coming close to it’s end, remember to take a moment to reflect and just take some time for yourself! If you need help brainstorming something to do, check out this board to give you some ideas! Try to make it a goal to do everything if you want a challenge!


Earth Day Carnival!

I hope everyone was able to make it to the earth day carnival on campus this Friday! Nate and I were able to stop by and pick up some really cool plants! They had everything from recycling tips to sunflower oil and even tips to be better to the Earth! If you weren’t able to come there is always next year too!

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