Interview Tips!

With Career Fair that was this last week, I hope this board regarding interview tips was helpful to everyone! And I hope everyone had a great time at the career fair and met some great people! Let me know how it went for you!



Game Night!

Thank you to those who were able to come to game night! I had so much fun playing sequence and the hour long uno game with you all! It was a great way to whine down after a hard days work of homework! Remember that we will be continuing this every Sunday at 7 pm in our lounge so if you missed out you have another opportunity!


Do you Know the Facts???

Check out our 5 West Lounge next time you are out there to see the new Psychology Facts Board! It has interesting facts about what little things about people mean (like what it means if a tear comes out of your left eye first verses your right eye) and some study tips (like how listening to Hans Zimmer can help you study because it was created for that!). There are a bunch of interesting facts and who knows, you might even be able to learn more about yourself! I know I did!

#Identity Development

WING MEETING This Thursday at 9 pm!

Just a heads up to everyone that this Thursday (September 7th, 2017) at 9 pm in our 5 West Lounge we will be holding our first wing meeting! We will be going over some general rules of the building, what you need to know while living here, more info about me, a chance to ask any questions you may have, and a chance to meet other residents of the wing!

Plus, there will be CUPCAKES and who doesn’t like cupcakes. Please let me know if you can’t be there!

“Fall” into Good Study Habits!

Let’s start the year our right with some good study habits to get down right away! It’s always good to start on the right foot, so take a look at this board to know where to start developing those skills right away! (Come finals week you might be happy you did this now!)

If anyone needs any help on where to start or how to study better come stop by!


Welcome to 5 West!

Welcome to the new school year and welcome to 5 West in Bridgeway Commons! If you would like more information about me, go check out my about me welcome board in the Elevator Bay! We may have more in common than you think! If there is anything interesting you find about me and want to chat I’m always up for a conversation. Here’s to a great year!

#A place to belong