Fish Facts!

Maybe you have noticed the new door decs that got put up after April Break! Each fish has a little “Fish Fact” about fish! I hope you all find these little facts interesting!

#A place to belong


Welcome Back!!

Welcome back everyone! I hope everyone’s break was fun and relaxing; just what everyone needed for the final push as we move towards the end of the semester! To say welcome back to everyone and to give everyone a little boast, the Bridgeway Easter Bunny stopped by while you were all gone and left you all some treats in your mail boxes! Make sure to check your mail boxes at some point!


Financial Aid Programming!

The Financial Aid Department is hosting Financial Aid Programming for people who want to know more about Financial Aid (because who couldn’t know more, I know I could). There will be a program on Mondays for three weeks starting on March 27th, til April 10th. All sessions will start at noon and all sessions will be in the Markee Student Center East Room! If you want to go and want a buddy let me know and we can go together!


Sometimes people have those friends who you just know are late to everything, but just because you know friends who do that doesn’t mean you should do it too! Being punctual is actually  really important and says a lot about you and can make a huge impact in the working world!